About Us

Developing Horizons Magazine is an outreach of Developing Horizons Ministries (DHM).  Its precursor, The Link, is a newsletter updating ministry partners about the activities of the ministry and can be viewed on the Developing Horizons Ministry web. The prospect of publishing a magazine had been considered at various points in the history of the ministry, but God’s timing brought its initial laborers — Joe and Diane Hale, Judy Mapp and Irma Flanagan — together with the blessings of the DHM Board of Directors in 2014.

The magazine’s mission is to provide encouragement for Christians and to provide a vehicle for them to sound the voice of triumph in an often inattentive and discouraged world. The first issue was published in April of 2014. Though the birth process has presented obstacles, God’s supernatural favor has held it close inspiring its message and blessing many.

The growing team looks to the magazine’s future with much enthusiasm knowing the tremendous potential it has to encourage God’s lighthouses and to be a Christian voice to the world.